Two Months Car or Van Insurance


You can buy a two month car insurance policy or van insurance policy

Sometimes an annual insurance policy does not match with your requirements. You may be planning to sell your car within two months, you may be moving abroad soon – whatever your reason, our two month policies could be the answer  to your requirements.

There are plenty of other reasons why you would want a two month car or van insurance policy instead of an annual policy. Adding a driver to your car for a few months. Loaning your car to a family member visiting for a short period. Students coming home from university needing cover on their parent’s car for just a couple of months would find a two month policy beneficial. The list of reasons is endless. 

These policies are also independent separate policies that do not usually have any affect your annual policy on your car. So, for example, if an accident occurred under this separate policy whilst you insured someone else to drive your car for two months, your own No Claims Bonus would not be affected.  

Online quotes take less than a minute to confirm the price and you can purchase online within a couple of minutes and you will be emailed the insurance documents and able to drive.   

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When Can I start my policy two month insurance policy?

    The policy can start within minutes of purchasing. Your policy documents, including your Certificate of Insurance, will be emailed to you immediately.

  1. Does this policy cover Learner Drivers?

    No, policies purchased on this site are for full licence holders only.

  1. Does this policy cover impounded cars?

    No, this policy is not able to cover impounded cars.

  1. Can I call to purchase the policy?

    We are an online only temporary insurance provider and our policies can only be purchased through the website.

  1. I’ve been sent to a page that says “Unfortunately, our Underwriters are unable to offer you cover”, why can’t I get cover?

    We can cover the majority of risks, but on occasion there are risks we cannot cover. There can be many reasons as to why our underwriters can’t offer you cover and each case is unique, there is no further detail that we can give, unfortunately.

  1. Can I cancel the policy?

    For two month car insurance policies: If a period of fewer than 14 days has elapsed since you received your policy documentation email, and you have not made a claim, you have the right to cancel the policy and receive a refund of premium for the unexpired period of insurance. An administration charge which will be no less than £100 will also apply.

Acceptance Criteria

For full details, see our Acceptance Criteria page.