Short Term Car & Van Insurance

What is short-term insurance?

Short-term car insurance is a policy for people using a car on a temporary basis. They may be visiting family and need something to run around in – either way by taking out a policy just for the length of period required, you can save the money you would have spent on an annual policy.

Another benefit of taking out a short-term policy is that you can help prevent any potential adverse affect on the main policy, as this short term policies is a separate independent policy.  If you had added me to your policy the claim would have gone on your insurance. Whereas if I had taken out a short-term independent policy of my own to drive your car, the claim would come off my insurance – keeping you protected.

When could I use short-term car & van insurance?

People need short-term insurance for a lot of reasons, such as moving house, taking a holiday, or even to test-drive a new vehicle. Short term and temporary insurance policies can be purchased for vans as well as cars.

Policies can be purchased instantly online, with the policy documents emailed to you immediately afterwards – providing you with the proof of insurance you would need if pulled over by the police.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the policy instant?

Yes, if you want it to be. You can also select to start the policy at a later date or time. If you need a policy to start five minutes or five seconds from purchase, simply select the appropriate time and your policy documents will be sent via email immediately upon purchase.

  1. Does the policy apply to Learner Drivers?

Unfortunately, this policy does not extend to learner drivers.

  1. Can the policy cover Drivers 25 years old and younger?

Yes, this policy covers full licence holders from the age of 18. It does not cover anyone on a provisional licence.

  1. My car has been impounded. Can I use this policy to free my car?

No, this policy does not cover you for the release of impounded vehicles. Please remember that you will need a minimum policy of thirty days to release a car from an impound lot, and this policy will need to specify that it allows for the cover and release of impounded vehicles.

  1. Is the policy transferable, either to another car, or to another driver?

Unfortunately, due to the short nature of short-term insurance these policies are generally not transferable. Please double check the policy details to ensure you have covered the options you need such as any additional drivers, before purchase. In the case of transferring to another car, you would need to purchase a new short-term policy.

Acceptance Criteria

For full details, see our Acceptance Criteria page.