One Month Car Insurance

What is one month car insurance?

One month car insurance is a solution to allow you to get short-term insurance cover on a car or van for a month’s use. There are some situations that lead to you not needing an annual policy – and this type of cover resolves this scenario. These types of short-term policies can cover you for emergencies or when you need short-term insurance immediately, hence why cover can be purchased online in minutes.

When could I use one month car insurance?

One month policies are used for a variety of different reasons. Say you want to sell your car, but you’ve already bought a new car and you’re insured on that one too. Rather than get an annual policy for a car that you want to sell, purchasing a one month policy will allow you to keep the car on the road while you look for a buyer. This is just one example of when you might need temporary car insurance, but there are many more reasons. Whatever your reason, buy with confidence from a trusted site like Short-Term Insurance and have your policy documents emailed to you instantly upon completion of purchase – getting you on the road quicker.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the policy instant?

Getting a quote with Short-Term Insurance takes only seconds, and getting covered takes a few minutes. Unlike other sites, we only ask the things we need to know, to help you get on the road quicker. On top of all that, we will send all your policy documents immediately upon purchase completion so you can be out the door and on the road as soon as possible.

  1. Does the policy apply to Learner Drivers?

The policy does not cover learner drivers. 

  1. Can the policy cover Drivers under 25 years of age?

Yes. This policy is available for full licence holders from the age of 18-75.

  1. My car has been impounded. Can I use this policy to free my car?

No. This cover excludes cover for impounded vehicles.

  1. Is the policy transferable, either to another car, or to another driver?

As is the case with most temporary policies, this policy is not transferable to other cars or drivers due to its short nature.

Acceptance Criteria

For full details, see our Acceptance Criteria page.