One Day Car & Van Insurance



What is one day car or van insurance?

Ever woken up to discover your car is not working? Ever been planning a long trip and dreaded the thought of having to drive it alone? Ever wanted to test drive a car? Ever wanted to borrow someone’s car but couldn’t be added to their policy? All these things are reasons why someone might need car or van insurance just for one day.

Just as the name suggests, one day car & van insurance is a car or van insurance policy that provides cover for 24 hours. Customers can even chose the exact start time. Our one day policies are purchased online and are activated instantly, with the Certificate of Insurance being emailed out to you immediately.

This type of policy can be extremely convenient, especially when something comes up last minute and you need urgent cover. You can purchase online, including on your smart phone, so you can be insured within minutes.

When could I use one day car insurance?

You can buy one day car insurance for a multitude of reasons. Borrowing a friend’s car – get one day’s car insurance with Comprehensive cover – it limits any risk to their policy. Going on a long journey – share the driving by adding a temporary additional driver. Moving house – get one day van insurance.

Since one day policies are usually purchased online, customers can purchase them at any time, to start within minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the policy instant?

This policy can be activated immediately upon purchase – although the policy will start within a few minutes of inception. If you are buying in advance you can select the exact date and time that you want to start your policy on. Your documents will be sent to you instantly via email upon completion of your purchase, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

  1. Does the policy apply to Learner Drivers?

This particular policy does not cover provisional licence holders.

  1. Can the policy cover Drivers under 25 years of age?

If you are a full licence holder then this policy is available to you from the age of 18, providing you have held a full licence for over 6 months.

  1. My car has been impounded. Can I use this policy to free my car?

No. This policy is unable to provide cover for the release of impounded vehicles. The policy excludes cover for impounded vehicles.

  1. Is the policy transferable, either to another car, or to another driver?

Due to these policies being short-term in nature, they are not transferable either to another driver or to another car. In the case of transferring to another car you would need to purchase another policy. In the case of transferring to another driver, we would recommend that prior to purchase you ensure you have added any required additional drivers. If you have not added prior to purchase, then you will need to buy an additional policy to cover the new driver of the vehicle.

Acceptance Criteria

For full details, see our Acceptance Criteria page.