In the Event of an Accident

Phone the ERS Accident Helpline immediately on 0330 123 5992, preferably from the scene of the incident.

Within your policy documentation there are some Accident Card’s with boxes for the key information required noted.  Give the Third Party Accident Card to the other driver in all circumstances. Make sure you write your contact details on it. If  you do not have these cards with you, exchange the following details with the Third Party;

  • full names
  • telephone numbers
  • name the insurance policy is in (if not the actual driver)
  • policy number
  • registration of vehicles involved
  • the number of passengers
  • full names & contact details of any witnesses

Take photographs of damage to all vehicles and the scene of the accident, if safe to do so

Note the number of occupants in the other vehicle(s)

By using the cards ERS can arrange:

  • Roadside recovery for immobile vehicles
  • Collection and repair if cover is comprehensive
  • Claims assistance – Phone ERS using the 24 hour helpline number on 0330 123 5992

Other Helpful Advice

  • Stay Calm – do not panic
  • Do not admit fault
  • Co-operate with police
  • Remain calm and polite

Safety Measures

  • Stop your vehicle and move it to a safe location nearby.
  • Check to see if anyone is injured. Call 999 or 112 for medical assistance.
  • Do not leave the scene of the accident.
  • Make sure everyone involved moves to a safe location.
  • Contact the police. They will let you know if an officer needs to be present at the scene.

To make a claim on your Motor Insurance policy, call the ERS Claims Helpline on
0330 123 5992

Following the instructions above will help ERS protect you from fraudulent claims and keep costs to a minimum

Claim requirements – rights and obligations

If a claim is made which you or anyone acting on your behalf knows is: false, fraudulent, exaggerated, or provides false or stolen documents to support a claim ERS will not pay the claim and cover under this insurance will end.
If there are a number of claims for property damage arising out of any one cause, ERS may pay you up to the maximum amount due under section 1. (ERS will take from this amount any amounts ERS have already paid as compensation.) When ERS pay this amount, ERS will withdraw from any further action connected with settling these claims. ERS will cover any legal costs and expenses paid with their permission, up to the time ERS withdraw from dealing with the claims.
You must not admit to, negotiate on or refuse any claim unless you have permission from ERS.

ERS can:

  • take over, carry out, defend or settle any claim; and
  • take proceedings (which ERS will pay for, and for the benefit of ERS) to recover any payment ERS have made under this insurance.

ERS will take this action in your name or in the name of anyone else covered by this insurance.
You, or the person whose name ERS use, must co-operate with ERS on any matter which affects this insurance.
If ERS refuse to provide cover because you have failed to provide information or provided incorrect information, but ERS have a legal responsibility to pay a claim under the Road Traffic Acts, ERS can settle the claim or judgment without affecting ERS’s position under this policy. ERS can recover any payments that ERS make from you.
If you fail to provide all requested information, documentation and evidence of claim damage, ERS reserve the right not to pay for damages under Section 2 of this policy document.

Compulsory Insurance laws

If, under the law of any country which this insurance covers you in, ERS must settle a claim which ERS would not otherwise have paid, ERS may recover this amount from you or from the person who made the claim.


If ERS accept your claim, but disagree with the claim amount, the matter will be passed to an independent arbitrator (to whom ERS and you must both agree). When this happens, the arbitrator must make a decision before you can start proceedings against ERS.